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Councilwoman Traci Park Looks to Restrict RV Parking Around Schools and Homes

Posted on 08/29/2023
RV by side of the road


August 29, 2023

LOS ANGELES, CA – Councilwoman Traci Park presented a motion to the Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday seeking to regulate oversized vehicle dwelling around sensitive use areas, such as schools, daycare centers, parks and homes. Park's motion would limit oversized vehicle dwelling in residential areas while also creating designated areas where RVs can park and access services. 

"The surge in these oversized vehicles being used as housing units creates a myriad of challenges that affect public health, welfare, and the overall livability of our local neighborhoods,” said Park. 

Among the significant concerns are the illegal dumping into storm drains and public rights of way; occupying parking spaces in parking-challenged neighborhoods and, in certain instances, contributing to crime and heightened risk of fire. 

Park is urging a collaborative study across various city departments to pinpoint optimal locations for the oversized vehicles and ensure RV dwellers can access essential services like housing assistance and sanitation facilities.

Park noted that although Los Angeles has sought solutions over the years, it continues to grapple with hurdles, including mental health issues, addiction, and the reality that many vehicle inhabitants don’t perceive themselves as homeless and prefer vehicle living to available shelter or interim housing options.

“The scale of vehicular homelessness crisis and the unsafe and unsanitary conditions this problem has created for those living in and around these encampments demand immediate action,” said Park. 

Departments will report back on the feasibility of the following:

  • Locations in each Council District where oversized vehicle dwellings can park on the public right of way, outside of residential areas, commercial corridors and other sensitive uses
  • A permit requirement, free of charge, to participate in the program
  • Provision of shower and restroom services, similar to the City’s Mobile Pit Stop/Shower Stop program
  • Regular sanitation services, including waste disposal and trash collection
  • Provision of wrap-around services and safety
  • Changes to the Los Angeles Municipal Code that may be required to create said program

Councilwoman Park’s motion heads to the Transportation and Housing and Homelessness committees.