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About Councilwoman Traci Park

Councilwoman Traci Park

Councilwoman Traci Park is already hard at work for the residents of  Council District 11! 

The values of family and hard work were instilled in the Councilwoman at a young age. Her mother was a school secretary and president of the California School Employees Association. Her late father was a US Army veteran and longtime member of the Communication Workers of America Union.  

Park was the first person in her family to attend college, earning degrees at Johns Hopkins University and Loyola Law School.  She worked two jobs and borrowed heavily to finance her education. 

Park had a successful 20-year legal career as a municipal attorney before being elected to the LA City Council. She doesn’t come from a political background, but knew that she had to step up when she saw what was happening on the Westside.

As a Councilwoman, Park is committed to being a voice for all CD11 residents at City Hall.  She has promised that her office will be responsive to everyone in the district. In her role on the Council, she knows it’s essential to think critically, ask hard questions, evaluate data, and do what is best for the community. 

Driven to achieve results, Park champions what’s important and never takes no for an answer.  She is working to implement urgent and compassionate solutions that get people off the streets and into safe settings. Park has also pledged to keep CD11 communities safe.  She’s fighting to ensure that kids can safely walk to school, seniors can safely visit senior centers, and families can safely visit local parks, beaches, and libraries. 

Park is an advocate for the Westside business community and its vital workforce, including the need to increase affordable housing for employees.  She has built a strong partnership between the City of Los Angeles and local businesses to revitalize communities and ensure that the Westside retains its appeal as the number one tourist destination in the city. 

Across the board, Park supports innovative, data-driven practices linked to measurable and successful outcomes. She prioritizes sustainable policies that mitigate climate change, protect our natural surroundings, and improve our economy. She is a champion of investment in workforce development that supports careers in green and clean-tech industries. 

Council District 11 has many competing priorities and its residents have many opinions about how to improve life on the Westside. Park is committed to hearing from, and learning from, all residents and business owners in the district so that together we can build a sustainable, resilient, and vibrant future.