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Improve Infrastructure

Councilwoman Traci Park speaking to people in front of building

Public infrastructure projects create well paying jobs that strengthen our community’s economy. Councilwoman Traci Park is working to ensure that CD11 prioritizes capital improvement, development, and infrastructure projects that align with our values on climate and sustainability which create economic opportunities for workers on the Westside.

The councilwoman’s top priorities include: 

  • Prioritize MyLA311 requests for CD11 
  • Energy and power
    • Push to achieve 100% clean energy by 2035
    • Incentivize rooftop solar installations
    • Support clean energy solutions for business and renewable energy in City-owned buildings
    • Encourage energy storage projects
  • Transportation and mobility
    • Partner with LAUSD and LADOT to expand Safe Routes to Schools
    • Increase LAnow ridesharing services and operations
    • Repave and repair damaged streets, sidewalks, and alleyways
    • Expand EV charging stations and conversion of City fleet 
    • Prioritize creation of last-mile connections to improve mass transit usefulness
    • Trim street trees and shrubbery that impede clear sight lines
    • Expand mass transit with connections to LAX and UCLA
  • Wastewater and stormwater treatment
    • Push forward on drought mitigation infrastructure 
    • Keep pollution out of our waterways and precious ocean
  • Broadband/information technology
    • Provide equitable access to high quality internet
  • Schools and libraries
    • Institute facility assessments and upgrades