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Councilwoman Park Announces Successful Effort to Move Nearly 40 Unhoused Individuals Indoors

Posted on 06/08/2023
Lahsa and SHARE at encampment

VENICE - Councilwoman Traci Park, in collaboration with City departments and service providers, announced the successful placement of nearly 40 unhoused individuals living at Venice Boulevard and Dell Avenue into permanent and interim housing, coinciding with a community-driven beautification project.

"Today's achievement is a testament to our city's dedication, the commitment of our non-profit partners, and our community's unity," said Councilwoman Park. "It shows what we can accomplish when we work together towards a shared goal."

The area has been the focus of robust outreach and engagement since May. Working with service and housing providers including Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA), St. Joseph Center, SHARE! and CIRCLE, nearly all of those living at the encampment were placed into motels, shared housing and the Venice A Bridge Home. 

“We are so grateful to Traci Park’s team for collaborating to bring back greenery and safety to the Venice Community,” said Alyson Wilson, a nearby resident.

"This area is a vital access point to Venice Beach, our City’s most visited park and recreational resource," said Councilwoman Park.

Alongside these housing placements, a comprehensive CARE+ operation was carried out in partnership with LA Sanitation, restoring public health, safety and accessibility along this important thoroughfare. 

"Our work embodies our commitment to making our community inclusive, safe, and vibrant for everyone,” said Councilwoman Park. 

“The way they collaborated with us to meet the challenge with incredible housing and landscape resources really helped make the shared vision come to life,” said Matt Lanza and Jeffrey Steiner, who also live near the project.

Since taking office, Councilwoman Park has placed nearly 200 people living on the streets of the 11th District into interim and permanent housing.