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As LA Is Stripped For Parts, City Is On A Mission To Curb Copper Wire Thefts

Posted on 02/07/2024
Westside Shops

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Park, whose 11th district includes West L.A, Venice, and Brentwood, told LAist copper wire theft is one of the most serious problems the city is facing.

Cost of the crime
The thefts from last year alone cost the city an estimated $17 million in repairs, Park noted.

How they’re hoping to fix it
Park and de León introduced a pair of separate, but related motions late last month.

The first, from de León, calls for a Copper Wire Task Force that would tackle thefts in downtown L.A., Boyle Heights, El Sereno, and Lincoln Heights — all communities in his 14th District.

Thieves have damaged more than 3,700 streetlights in those last three areas alone by ripping out the copper wire, according to the motion.

The second motion, from both Park and de León, would create a reward program designed to encourage people to report copper wire thefts and streetlight crimes in the city.  

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