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Councilmember Traci Park Announces Approval of Four Key Motions to Enhance Safety and Energy in the City

Posted on 05/05/2023
Councilwoman Traci Park

Los Angeles - Councilmember Traci Park is pleased to announce the approval of four essential motions in the City Council on Friday, May 5. These motions focus on critical safety and energy that will significantly impact the community and city.

  1. 23-0352 - Preventing Battery Fires: This motion instructs the Los Angeles Fire Department to report on lithium-ion battery fire incidents, recommend safety reforms, and implement a public awareness campaign to prevent future incidents.
  2. 23-0353  - Responding to New Street Drugs: This motion directs the Los Angeles Police and Fire Departments to report on protocols for identifying and addressing new street drugs, and the Personnel Department to ensure the safety of city staff who may encounter such substances.
  3. 23-0247 - Enforcing Gun Violence Restraining Orders: This motion tasks the Los Angeles Police Department with providing an overview of its response to domestic violence incidents, reporting on challenges in enforcing gun relinquishment provisions, and updating enforcement procedures in line with SB 320 (Eggman).
  4. 15-0989-S20 - A Green Olympics: This motion requests a report from the Department of Water and Power, Chief Legislative Analyst, and City Administrative Officer on developing the Games Energy Council for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, ensuring an eco-friendly event.

Councilmember Park is committed to addressing the safety and energy concerns of her constituents and the city. These motions are a testament to her dedication to creating a safer and more sustainable community for all.

"I am immensely proud of these motions and their potential to create meaningful change in our community,” said Councilwoman Park. “By proactively addressing energy concerns related to the 2028 Olympics, we are paving the way for a more vibrant environment for all our residents. Tackling safety issues for our most vulnerable population, specifically regarding street drugs is also paramount. Through addressing these critical safety and energy concerns, we are taking proactive steps to ensure a better future for all residents."